A security service for your secondary property to leave with peace of mind


Exceptional services for the security of your second home

Needs analysis

Gain peace of mind by entrusting the security of your second home to experts. We evaluate the size of your property and its specificities in order to quantify the risks involved. From there, we determine the best security strategy to implement.

Choice of services

Thanks to our analysis, we define the security service for your second home. A tailor-made surveillance service that allows you to adapt the technical and human resources and the frequency of intervention.

Coordination of professionals

We identify the right personnel to supervise your guarding, either on site or remotely, in perfect accordance with your requirements and needs. We respond to all your requests and expectations.

property stewardship

Gain peace of mind by entrusting the security of your second home to experts

External verification

  • Pruning of green spaces
  • Presence of dependencies
  • Condition of the garden and fences
  • Places prone to break-ins
  • Access to your property

Internal audit

  • Inspection of the openings and closures of your home
  • Control of anomalies (water leaks, ventilation, etc.)
  • Verification of the security systems in place (camera)
  • Maintenance of small equipment

Customized services

Mail collection Garden and pool maintenance House maintenance Plant watering Etc.

The quality of our services is a priority

Transparent pricing

We guarantee a measured and fair fee depending on the security service chosen for your second home. Each budget is evaluated according to the time spent and the means used.

A tailor-made security service

The management of each property is done in total partnership with its owner. Thus, our security service for your second home is perfectly adapted to your needs and priorities.

An efficient and discreet intervention

Our promise is based on the quality of the service we provide and the discretion with which we carry it out. Your second home deserves special attention and we take care of it with kindness and professionalism.

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In order to benefit from a pleasant welcome all year round in your home.

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To preserve the comfort and value of your private property.

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Personnel management

Rigorous planning of tasks and roles for better performance.

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Technical maintenance

A wide range of services designed to bring your installations into compliance.

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Work management

We ensure the control of the good execution of your building sites.

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Valuation of the real estate

Services designed to enhance the value of your real estate assets.

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Financial and administrative monitoring

All our follow-up services to gain time and serenity.

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The best surveillance solution to watch over your property.

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